Maintenance of the upper rotary platform of hydraulic excavator

The upper rotary platform located on the lower walking body of the hydraulic excavator is as important as the head and torso of the human body.
Although its structure is difficult to see from the outside, but installed in the engine and a variety of hydraulic devices if failure or overload use, will affect the overall state of the machine, the performance of the decline, and eventually lead to the occurrence of machine failure.
Therefore, the daily maintenance inspection of the upper rotary platform of the machine should be placed in the first place.
In order to improve the operating performance of the upper rotary platform and prevent unnecessary failure losses, what aspects should be paid attention to in the maintenance of the upper rotary platform?

Check and change the filter element regularly
In order to prevent dust and impurities contained in the added oil from invading the main parts of the machine, protective measures are taken on the excavator. A number of filters are installed on an excavator. These filters play their own important roles.
(1) Air cleaner
Fresh air is needed to burn the fuel in the engine. The air filter can remove dust and other foreign matter in the air sucked into the combustion chamber from the outside to prevent engine cylinder liner and piston ring wear.
(2) Oil and fuel filter
Oil and fuel oil are easily mixed with water and dust during storage and refueling. The filter filters foreign matter and prevents wear and tear on internal engine system components. In addition, if the pollution of these filter elements is serious, it will lead to poor oil or fuel flow and engine power insufficiency or poor lubrication resulting in engine damage. (3) Hydraulic oil filter
The function of hydraulic oil is to transform the power of the medium, so it is strictly prohibited to mix dust and other foreign bodies. The hydraulic oil filter can prevent impurities from entering the hydraulic device parts.
In addition, the suction filter is installed in the hydraulic tank to protect the hydraulic pump in the hydraulic circuit. After work, the oil will be returned to the hydraulic tank, and the oil return filter is installed in the oil return part. Therefore, it is possible to determine whether the pump or other parts of the hydraulic system are abnormal by observing the contamination degree of the oil return filter (such as whether there is iron filings).
When the oil passes through the filter element, the impurities in it can be removed, so the pollution of the filter will become more and more serious with the accumulation of time. If the polluted filter is not replaced in time, it will reduce the flow of oil and make the original performance of the machine can not be fully played. In addition, if you continue to use damaged or excessively polluted filters, you will not be able to filter impurities, thus shortening the service life of the machine.
Therefore, the filter element should be replaced regularly. If abnormal conditions are found in daily maintenance and inspection, they should be replaced immediately.

Enough oil and grease should be added to prevent the machine from wearing out.
Hydraulic excavator in the process of operation, the parts of the machine will be accompanied by a lot of friction. Grease and oil can reduce these frictions, because grease can form an oil film to prevent the metal parts of the rotation from touching each other.
Filling of oil and grease is an important operation, mainly to reduce friction and wear, and to enable the smooth operation of the machine. However, if the refueling is not sufficient, or adding deteriorated grease, it will not be able to form an oil film and make metal parts contact with each other, and then cause wear and bite. If the machine continues to operate in this state, it will cause the burning of the matching parts of the machine moving parts, and will fall into the shutdown state in serious cases.
Therefore, adequate amounts of oil and grease should be added regularly. It is very important to check and change the oil in the tank regularly for the normal operation of the machine.

In summary, the maintenance points of the upper rotary platform of the excavator are as follows: Check and change the filter regularly and fill with enough oil and grease regularly!